LCB_NOT_SUPPORTED: Operation Not Supported HELP :(

global $_COUCHBASE;
$query = CouchbaseN1qlQuery::fromString('SELECT META('.$_COUCHBASE[0]['bucket'].') AS Meta FROM '.$_COUCHBASE[0]['bucket']);
try {
    $bucket = self::getCouchBaseInstance()->bucket;
    $crmCacheData = $bucket->query($query);

ABOVE I am trying to run a query on a bucket using couchbase’s N1QL query language and then i get a “not supported” error using the query function. Are there any issues with this query? that any one can see or any ideas why it would fail out?

PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Couchbase\Exception: LCB_NOT_SUPPORTED: Operation not supported

Does this query work if you execute in Admin console (in query workbench)?

This query works on buckets in our dev environemt but when environments are changed to our QA server it gives this error.
I have no way of testing on the admin console. Our DB team has access to that,I only can create php code (using sdk) to connect to bucket, using bucket credentials to get data, filter it and display it in a table on our site. Are there different queries used for meta data on certain bucket types or some buckets dont provide meta data?


Is it only one query return the “unsupported” error? Or all of them? Is the query service enabled on the cluster? Could you also check permissions that the credentials you are using allowed to execute queries. Also check whether Couchbase Server versions match (i.e. is the issue version-specific).

I will find the right individuals and try to get answers for these questions, I will contact you again once all these have been answered! Thank you for the help so far!