LCB_EINVAL error in query that does not use input/arguments

I just got a weird exception LCB_EINVAL: Invalid input/arguments / 7 for the following query:

SELECT id FROM bucket WHERE col_1 = 1 AND col_2 = 2 AND col_3 = "124311" AND col_4 = 100032 LIMIT 1

Im not actually constructing the query with any special inputs or arguments. I just use the “fromString” method.

Any ideas?

PHP 7.1, CB CE 4.5

Is this exactly query your run? Do you have minimal PHP script I can run to reproduce the issue? This particular query contains syntax error: bucket is reserved word and have to be escaped.

Sorry, I changed my actual bucket name to bucket for the purposes of this post. The real query has a different bucket name.

This is the exact query I run. The string is concatenated with some variables, but nothing in-depth.

The problem is, I cannot reproduce it. If I re-run the code (unchanged), the error does not occur. So I am wondering what happened for that particular query to fail with such an exception?

From your description, I don’t see anything suspicious. Could you record more context next time?