Lcb_create()/lcb_wait(): returns "Generic Error"

Simple code to connect to couchbase/bucket. I get Generic error. I tried different connstr strings - commented all except one. Failed for all strings. Username and passwords are correct as I could successfully use those in the web UI.

I’m very new to couchbase (just couple of days) - sorry if this question was already asked before…
Here is the code:

int main()
	lcb_error_t err;
	lcb_t instance;
	struct lcb_create_st create_options = { 0 };
	lcb_CMDSTORE scmd = { 0 };
	lcb_CMDGET gcmd = { 0 };

	// Connect to couchbase [create(), wait(), and check status]
	create_options.version = 3;
	// create_options.v.v3.connstr = "couchbase://";
	// create_options.v.v3.connstr = "couchbase://";
	create_options.v.v3.connstr = "couchbase://localhost/travel-sample";
	create_options.v.v3.username = "Administrator";
	create_options.v.v3.passwd = "secret";
	lcb_create(&instance, &create_options);
	if (lcb_get_bootstrap_status(instance) != LCB_SUCCESS) {
		printf("Error: %s", lcb_strerror(instance, lcb_get_bootstrap_status(instance)));

The couchbase server used is Community version 5.1.1, and using CSDK to connect to the bucket.
I’m kind of stuck here :frowning: Any help is greatly appreciated…
I wish there was a better error message (instead of ‘Generic error’) indicating the exact reason for the failure.

I missed ‘lcb_connect()’ after lcb_create().