Latest client missing IncludeDocs Option

Recently had a discussion with couchbase team members w.r.t performance of queries returning ~ 1000 records. Since I was using bulk fetch & performance wasn’t satisfactory, suggestion provided was to instead use include docs option while querying only. However in the latest client lib, I am unable to see the option to setIncludeDocs.

Reference Documentation:
View view = client.getView(“beer”, “by_name”);
Query query = new Query();

But I am unable to find this api in the client lib. I am using couchbase java client 2.1.3.

hi @arvinderkhosla,
this actually only recently made it back into the 2.x generation of the SDK. It’s scheduled for the upcoming 2.2 version, which is for now in developer preview:
You can expect this new minor (in the sense MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH, 2.1.3 vs 2.2.0) in the next few month, if not in June.