KV fetch is slow - reasons?

Hi Team,

Can you please let us know what all will be the reasons for slower key-value operation?

Hi Team,
Can anyone reply on this? What all parameters do we need to check to analyze kv operations

Hi @pruthvi,

You have not given us much information, rather than take wild guesses please give us some more details:

  • residency ratio
  • bucket parameter
  • couchbase version
  • cloud or onprem
  • size of the document(s) in question
  • the # of cores, amount of system RAM
  • the performance your were previously seeing
  • the performance you are now seeing.

Of course if you have a support contract by all means open a ticket directly with support and perhaps upload a cbcollect_info, however they would also need the above information.


Jon Strabala
Principal Product Manager - Server‌

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