JVM metrics for Couchbase

I see the JVM metrics available for CBAS only




Is Java used by analytics service only and the other services like data, query, index does not use Java


Hi Rajib,

Yes, that’s correct.


Thanks David, out of curiosity which language does the other services use

C, C++, Go, Erlang. And Rust, if you count the extended tools ecosystem.

Reference: database - Couchbase implementation language - Stack Overflow

@rajib761 Index service, which is my area, uses Go with some calls out to C or C++ libraries. Cluster Manager uses Erlang with some calls out to Go and maybe others. Query and Eventing are also mainly Go. I believe Data is mostly C++. UI is JavaScript. The architecture is that each service is self-contained and independent, so they can each use whatever technology stack works best for their area.

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