JSON Path of given image

Hello all, I am running a query to get all meta data from couchbase bucket and i am not understanding the path to the value of each document / key.


What does the path look like in JSON to access the key ‘type’ or even ‘id’

Is there a way to see my document path in JSON from a built in function that couchbase provides.

This will be useful because functions to append, update and insert etc. require that I provide the path or new path to the value in JSON. I am just confused on how to see what that path looks like for my documents / keys,
this would be great, so i could orient my operations accordingly.

For example:

bucket.mutate_in(‘customer123’, SD.array_append(‘purchases.complete’, 777))

‘purchases.complete’ is a JSON path

in the image above, would this path to ‘id’ be:
rows[0].Meta.id ?

How would this be represented on JSON.

Another example (Something closer to what i am trying to do:

I want to add a new key value pair called expiration with a value of some number
What functions can i use to get this result in the image above:
‘expiration’ <— (adding new key to document(s)) ??