Jpa support?


are there plans to support JPA ? I see that there is a Spring project that allows the use of JPA with Couchbase, but without Spring, it is not possible ?

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Currently there are no specific plans to support JPA, but we have some parts in the making that will help (the new N1QL API and we are probably doing some JDBC work as well).

Can you describe your use case a bit better to see how we can help with that?


Just found this topic, I’m curious about any progress done on this side, for making available a Couchbase adapter for JPA, in order to use Couchbase as JPA second level cache. In particular I’m reefering to OpenJPA.


Stefano Falconetti

We are currently not considering working on a JPA implementation, but I actually need to investigate how much work a second level JPA cache is. We are working on JCache though, and there is a JDBC driver by our partner Simba in the works ( which might not help you with the caching aspect though.

So you only need it as a JPA 2nd level cache?


I see Spring Data Couchbase but was wondering if Is there any support for JPA at this point?