Java SDK client is trying to connect to Index and Query nodes


I am experiencing a problem with Java client version 2.7.9.
The driver treats all the nodes as KV and tries to connect to the index and query nodes.
As a result, I get a lot of exceptions like the follows:

.kv.AuthenticationException: Bucket not found on Select Bucket command
| loglevel=“INFO” | thread=“cb-io-1-1” | logger="c.c.client.core.endpoint.Endpoint " [][KeyValueEndpoint]: Got notified from Channel as inactive, attempting reconnect.
| loglevel=“WARN” | thread=“cb-io-1-3” | logger="c.c.client.core.endpoint.Endpoint " [][KeyValueEndpoint]: Authentication Failure: Bucket not found on Select Bucket command
| loglevel=“WARN” | thread=“cb-io-1-3” | logger="c.c.client.core.endpoint.Endpoint " [][KeyValueEndpoint]: Could not connect to endpoint on reconnect attempt 318, retrying with delay 4096 MILLISECONDS: com.couchbase.client.core.endpoint.kv.AuthenticationException: Bucket not found on Select Bucket command

Please advice,

It looks that the issue is similar to

I just do not find any resolution. Please correct me if I wrong.
In the bootstrap I list only KV nodes.

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We are facing the same issue on our platform.
We are using the JAVA SDK 2.7.9 and Couchbase server 5.5 Enterprise.

These LOG appear only on platform which has this nodes structure:

  • 3 Data nodes
  • 2 Query/Index nodes

On our other environment, with a structure like 3 nodes Data/Query/Index, these LOG don’t appear.

What is weird is that everything works normally, our requests (GET/POST/PUT or DELETE) are working fine. It’s just that our LOG files are constantly pollute by these LOG…

Any idea?

Thank you.