Java Client Compatibilty Issues

Hi All,

I am using java-client version 3.1.0, reactor-core version 3.4.0 and couchbase-transactions version 1.0.1. When I try to run my application I am getting the following error:
An attempt was made to call a method that does not exist. The attempt was made from the following location:


    The following method did not exist:


    The method's class, reactor.core.publisher.Flux, is available from the following locations:


    It was loaded from the following location:



    Correct the classpath of your application so that it contains a single, compatible version of reactor.core.publisher.Flux

I have even tried with the latest version. Can you please let me know which version to use when using transactions.

Hi @vijethas
In general I recommend pulling just the transactions library to your project, and letting your project management tool (gradle, Maven etc.) transitively pull in the compatible Java client version.
The latest version of the transactions library is 1.1.3, which is not binary compatible with Java SDK 3.1.0. Version 1.1.4 will be, and is expected to release this week.

Hi Graham.pople
Thank you for the answer