Issues on using ForestDB as engine on Android


New to Couchbase I referred to the samples to help me get started, used ForestDB as Storage Engine and the Android RecyclerView Animation Example on Github to help load a recyclerview.

The code below kept crashing on me

List<Place> places = new ArrayList<>(); for (Iterator<QueryRow> it = rows; it.hasNext(); ) { QueryRow row =; Log.d(TAG, "ROW VALUE: " + row.getValue().toString()); Map<String, Object> properties = database.getDocument(row.getDocumentId()).getProperties(); places.add(new Place((LazyJsonObject) row.getValue())); }

with the following error

Java.util.LinkedHashMap cannot be cast to

Actually download the Android RecyclerView example and was annoyed when it worked, the only difference is the ForestDB Storage Engine Option, I changed the example to use ForestDB and it crashed, removed ForestDB from my App and it worked. I like the fact I have a list of objects to refer too, especially as my app currently has 3 recyclerview stacked on top of each other, clicks in each filters the next recyclerview.

Information or a tip for newbies such as myself, either way thanks and keep up the excellent work,