Issue with reset password on


I have been trying to reset password for If someone from couchbase can PM me, I can share the email address for which I am trying to get the password reset.


@himanshu.mps Were you able to reset the password via forgot password?

@raju I have messaged you the email address. Can you please help.

@himanshu.mps I am following up on this. I have sent your email id to the administrator of with help of @ctauro

@raju Please let me know via PM about the same. Share the new password link on the email shared via PM. Eagerly waiting for reply from your end.

@raju I tried with reset password, but I am not getting mail after putting the email address. Tried 15-20 times with no luck.

@raju any luck with password reset ?

@himanshu.mps I have passed on your email id to the admin of

@raju it is resolved.

@himanshu.mps Fantastic sorry it took so long