Issue With Indexer Processor

Very frequently we are facing issue stating that ‘cannot communicate with indexer processor information of the index may be stale’ so, all index created stop anything needs to done from our end?


What version of Couchbase are your running on. If you are on version 4.6.2 or earlier then this is a known issue and is fixed as part of release 4.6.3, try upgrading to 4.6.3.

Restarting the indexer.exe should also fix this. Can you try and let us know if this helps.
We had a similar issue with the following message in the Logs and worked with support team and this is fixed as part of MB-25253.

Error Message:
Warning: Cannot communicate with indexer process. Information on indexes may be stale. Will retry

Sujith Maram

Thank you for the information. can we know the reason behind this error as such when it comes .Is it because it has less memory or if CPU consumption is more that 90%?

Seems to be a connection leak issue (MB-25253) that causes the connections to potentially be stuck in the CLOSE_WAIT state.
The issue has been fixed in minor release, 4.6.3.
Please continue to monitor your indexer status, and when needed, restart the indexer.exe.

We found this indexer processor issue very frequently occurring.we have got the logs could you find out from the logs anything and help us out with this? (824.4 KB) (2.9 MB)

adding (38.3 KB) (1.2 MB) (2.2 MB)

@shilpa.rameshwara, logs do not indicate any other issue. MB-25253 is known to cause the behavior you are observing. Please upgrade to 4.6.3 release.