Issue on couchbase-kafka-sink-connector implementing

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this is My Previous Question regarding this issue existing documents aren’t complete.
I would like to know answers to some questions:
assume data on a remote server with own running Kafka named server1 and another server which hosted Couchbase named server2, I used Python language programming
1- on sending data from Kafka to Couchbase, Schema Registry is needed or not? if yes what is the configuration?
2- to sink data from server1, should I connect Kafka-connect-couchbase to remote zookeeper?
3- the data in Kafka is JSON and I generate ID from each one so, how can I sink those data with Couchbase? how should I make ID for each document?
at this time I setup this connection with confluent-kafka-3 connect this kafka to remote zookeeper and encountred

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/kafka/common/config/ConfigDef$Recommender


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The connector is using key from Kafka if it’s schema describes it as a primitive. Otherwise it will generate key in format “topic/partition/offset”

thanks for the reply, could you please answer my questions one by one?

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No, it is not needed unless you are using converters, which require it. For example AvroConverter from Confluent

No, you don’t need it. You should install kafka-connect-couchbase along with other connectors into your kafka deployment, and make sure couchbase server is reachable from those nodes.