Is traffic still directed to a query node if it is unresponsive?

I’d like to bolster query service for a cluster with autoscaled VM’s.

While the VM is up, I add it to the cluster. At X time, it disappears and at Y time, it reappears.

When it’s missing, Couchbase says…

Node unresponsive | Not taking traffic | FAILOVER to activate available replicas

Until I fail over and rebalance, are queries still directed to that node and lost? Or will those queries be directed to other query nodes that are responsive?

@joes Until failover, the node is still considered part of the cluster so queries can still be directed to it. Failover removes it from the cluster so that queries will no longer be directed to it. Rebalance is not part of that, but can be used to bring nodes back into the cluster.

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