Is there any way to run syngateway public port using 443/80 port

Hi I want to run couchbase syn-gateway using public port as 443 or 80… is this possible without going to reverse proxy.

You can change the default public port that the sync Gateway listens on by updating the inferface configuration property. You can also specify it via command line options.
That said, you would probably have to run the Sync Gateway with root privileges if you want to use 80/443 .
Also, I’m talking about the public port here and not the Admin port (which shouldn’t ever be accessible over the Internet) .
Also, I presume that you understand the implications of providing direct access to SG server without a reverse proxy.

I don’t think it is possible… if we change in settings not working…

So finally we have implemented using ngnix proxy.

Thanks for the update. Did you try running it with sudo/root privileges ? What error do you get ?
I just tried and I have my SG running on 80 on my dev box…