Is there an (easy) way to statically link libcouchbase and all its deps into couchnode on npm install?

couchbase node.js module is made up of libcouchbase C lib, C++ binding layer and node.js layer.
when npm install is done, it seems to compile / build libcouchbase and / or the C++ layer (can’t tell really) and package everything up… is this somewhat correct? It still seems to be dynamically linked to other external dependencies such as glibc. This can cause issues where target deployment environment is not the same as the actual build environment. For example we may do npm install from a shrinkwrap’ed application as part of continuous integration, and then just deploy the application to a target environment that has the same OS and same Node version as build environment; but may not have external C libs present, or not the same versions present. We may not want to run npm install, or npm rebuild on target environment at all. In case of different versions we can run into compatibility issues if not compatible. Is there any easy to statically link up everything within couchnode.


Hey @bojand,

In the current building of couchnode, all the dependant libraries are statically linked (unless you specify your own libcouchbase install with the --couchbase-root option to npm install.

Cheers, Brett