Is there a way to use cblite tool to replicate and filter by channels?

I know I can create a new sync gateway user and assign specific channels, but I’m wondering if there is a way to run the command:

./cblite cp ws://localhost:4984/default ./db/default.cblite2

and still able to replicate specific channels from the bucket.

@rahimrahman, sorry our current cbllite tool do not have feature to copy docs or replicate and filter by channels. Our current cblite tool is only to query the docs in cbl lite database. You can use cbl client and you can use cbl libraries in your cbl app to have replication between sync gateway and cbl, but not by using tool.

@sridevi.saragadam, the cblite tool does support replication.

However it does not currently have a way to replicate specific channels. Sorry!