Is there a way to tune up a couchbase image or docker container before run?

Hi group:

I would like to know if there is a way to change some system properties (Swappines and TransparentHugePage to be exactly) for a couchbase image or container (inside Docker) before run it.
I’ve tried to use sysctl and other options to change its values directly and into DockerFile to tune up my own image, but always received ’ Read-only file system’ error. I know most of the images come with less privileges to change system files for security reasons, but in the end, its necessary to modify that properties.

Thanks for any help!

Hey there - both the parameters you mention are kernel parameters. All Docker containers share a kernel with each and with the host system. So it’s necessary to modify the values of those parameters on the Docker host, not in the Couchbase container or Dockerfile.

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