Is there a timeframe to get the couchbase repository on the default list for apt-get/yum?

I know there’s an official yum/apt repository for couchbase install images, but the repo has to be added to the yum/apt list manually. Is there a timeframe for adding the repo to the default list of repositories?

do you mean adding packages into official repositories of distributions like CentOS or Debian?

Hi Sergey, I’m not up on the exact terminology, but yes I think you articulated my question correctly. We’ve built a tool with a dependency on the c-SDK and at install time we’d like the users to be able to install througth apt-get/yum/rpm without having to wget install the couchbase release package. Thanks.

With our own repository we can use our own release cadence. Even if you take only supported distributions (centos, rhel, debian, ubuntu), they all have different release cycles, and it would be hard to release new version of libcouchbase in the same day. So I think it won’t be packages of libcouchbase in distribution repositories supported by Couchbase in near future.

But if you managed to become maintainer for your application in distribution, maybe you can also take care about presence of libcouchbase too, and make sure your application will always use up-to-date dependencies. I think you can start with scripts located here: