Is there a Multi-Cluster Aware Client for Node.js or .NET?

My team is in need of the ability to failover between data-centers, however, currently all our APIs are in .NET with no plans to migrate to Java. We have a few developers testing out Node.js solutions, but nothing serious at the moment. Is there a Multi-Cluster Aware Client for Node.js or .NET? If not, are there any plans to implement one or perhaps a published technique to accomplish the same manually?

Hi @cb_dev,

I’m sorry to deliver the bad news: Couchbase does not have an MCA client for Node.js or .NET, and it’s not on our road map. As for Java, the existing Java MCA client has limited capabilities, and we’re no longer recommending it for new projects.


Considering auto-failover between datacenters is a very important functionality for certain use-cases, what is the alternative that Couchbase proposes to achieve this?

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Hi @cb_dev - I will DM you to better understand your HA requirements. At a high level, HA requirements for every deployment is bespoke and use case specific.

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