Is it possible to get the couchbase lite db size before synchronisation is finished?

I want to be able to display to a user how close a CBL database is to being fully synced. I can see from the info end point things like doc_count, update_seq and committed_update_seq which increase as synchronisation progresses. I could use them if I had some indication of what their final value might be.

Is there a query (perhaps on the server via the admin interface) that provides this information?

/_activity has approximate info on progress, but it’s still not terribly useful. The problem is that getting accurate progress info would require slowing down replication and using more memory. We’d have to read the entire changes feed from the server first, before downloading any docs.

Thanks Jens. Are there any docs for /_activity, I’ve looked but can’t find them.

Oops, it’s actually /_active_tasks. Here are the CouchDB docs for that; but CouchDB doesn’t use exactly the same set of task properties that we do.

Ah yes, am already using that. It’s not quite what I wanted by good enough for now.

Thanks again