Is it possible to do a cbrestore on a non empty bucket?


In my bucket, I have a lot of data. A part of it start with the key “LIVE-”, and I want to refresh them from my LIVE environment.

So, I do a : DELETE FROM mybucket WHERE meta(mybucket).id LIKE "LIVE-%";
After I go to my LIVE environnement, I do a cbbackup http://localhost:8091 /tmp/bkp -k '^LIVE-.* and send my bkp folder to my DEV environnment.

At the end, I do a cbrestore in my DEV environnement. Everything seems to be all right, but when I go in my bucket, my LIVE-* documents aren’t in the bucket…

Do you have an idea?
Just one precision, XDCR isn’t allowed btw DEV & PROD