Is full document synced after change or only diffgrams are synced

Hi Team,

I have a schema where the document size is big (around 200 keys) but then there is only one Key named as status which changes very frequently. I want to know what will happen when I only change the Status key’s value. Will the complete document be synced to and fro sync gateway or we have implemented something like diffgrams where only the changes travel to sync gateway and not the complete document.

Because this can impact the design of documents. If only changes travel then for each guest we can keep his complete profile and mostly the status value (Boolean) will change time to time and only status will travel through network.

Pankaj Sharma

Currently the full document will be synchronized when it’s updated.

There are plans to improve this in a future release, but until that time you may want to separate your semi-static and volatile data into separate documents.

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