Is deleteDocument on mobile with syncing, permanently deleted it on the Server bucket, too? 🗑️

Lets say I have an app on smartphone which uses Couchbase Lite community 2.1.1, and I have installed Couchbase Server (6.0.0 community) and Sync Gateway (2.5 community).

The app and the server are connected and sync with each other with Sync Gateway, all normal.

When I delete a document (using deleteDocument() function), it also gets deleted on the server and the document disappears there, too.
But I am afraid if Couchbase server store the document in something like recycle bin and not remove it permanently, because if that is the case, if a month or year passed I guess it would a big stack of gigabytes of documents, and Allaah knows best.
How is the case? How these things work?

Hi, These things are all covered in the Couchbase Server documentation.

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