Is bootstrapCarrierEnabled necessary when enable SSL

Name: Config Loading through Carrier Publication
Method: bootstrapCarrierEnabled(boolean)
Default: true
System Property: bootstrapCarrierEnabled
If you are running Couchbase Server 2.5 or later, this is the preferred way to bootstrap and grab configurations. It is not done over HTTP, but through the key-value connections automatically. If this setting is manually disabled, the client will fallback to HTTP (if enabled). If both option are disabled, the client is not able to function properly. If you don’t have a good reason to disable it (for example as instructed by Couchbase Support), keep it enabled.

Is this option necessary when enable client SSL connection to couchbase server? I haven’t found any related document clear on using the option while enable SSL, what will be affected to SSL connection if I keep this option True(or bootstrapHttpEnabled(True))?

@sanquanfeng you never need to set this option explicity, just leave it at the defaults. Its only for troubleshooting. Just enable ssl and you are good to go.