Introducing the Couchbase Community Hub

Our new Community Hub is your entry point for all things Couchbase.

The “hub”, as we’re affectionately calling it, is a new space for our community that complements our existing Couchbase Discord server and these forums. Whether it’s reading about fresh product updates and important announcements, or learning about events happening near you or virtually, or connecting with fellow Couchbasers, you’ll always stumble across something that piques your interest in the hub. Importantly, this space is also where you can learn about all the different ways you can get involved, whether it’s contributing to one of our open source projects, signing up to organize an event, helping with our forums or contributing to our documentation. We’ll regularly be posting contribution opportunities for all types of users, regardless of how experienced you are with Couchbase.

The hub is open to everyone, all we ask is that you request to join by telling us who you are and what is it about Couchbase that you’re most interested in. This also helps us make sure you’re 100% human!

Once inside, have a look around and explore the different features our platform has to offer :

  • You can publish quick posts to share something cool you’re working on or an interesting article you’ve just read
  • We’ve got polls, prompts, posts, and questions that can bring more people into a conversation
  • You can request to organize a virtual session and event like live-coding or quick tips and tricks.
  • If and when you want them, you can request to create smaller groups around a special interest or language.

Of course, like all our community initiatives and programs, the Hub is a work in progress so your feedback is really important.