Interpereting Make Test Results

Alright, I’ve been working on building Couchbase 3.0.3 from source, and after some time dealing with dependencies, I’ve been able to get a build to complete. However, make test results are not good, with a full 30% of the tests failing:

70% tests passed, 39 tests failed out of 130

Total Test time (real) = 2424.31 sec

The following tests FAILED:
         13 - memcached-basic-unit-tests (OTHER_FAULT)
         18 - cbsasl-pwfile (SEGFAULT)
         19 - cbsasl-sasl (OTHER_FAULT)
         20 - cbsasl-client-server (Failed)
         23 - couchstore-purge (Failed)
         24 - couchstore-rewind (Failed)
         25 - couchstore-changecount (Failed)
         26 - couchstore-testapp (OTHER_FAULT)
         39 - ep-engine-engine-tests (Failed)
         63 - couchdb-couch_set_view-02-old-index-cleanup (Failed)
         64 - couchdb-couch_set_view-03-db-compaction-file-leaks (Failed)
         65 - couchdb-couch_set_view-05-replicas-transfer (Failed)
         66 - couchdb-couch_set_view-06-main-compaction (Failed)
         67 - couchdb-couch_set_view-07-replica-compaction (Failed)
         68 - couchdb-couch_set_view-08-deletes-cleanup (Failed)
         69 - couchdb-couch_set_view-09-deletes-cleanup-many-views (Failed)
         70 - couchdb-couch_set_view-10-updates-cleanup (Failed)
         71 - couchdb-couch_set_view-11-updates-cleanup-many-views (Failed)
         72 - couchdb-couch_set_view-12-errors (Failed)
         73 - couchdb-couch_set_view-13-progressive-cleanup (Failed)
         74 - couchdb-couch_set_view-14-duplicated-keys-per-doc (Failed)
         75 - couchdb-couch_set_view-15-passive-partitions (Failed)
         76 - couchdb-couch_set_view-16-pending-transition (Failed)
         77 - couchdb-couch_set_view-17-unindexable-partitions (Failed)
         78 - couchdb-couch_set_view-18-monitor-partition-updates (Failed)
         79 - couchdb-couch_set_view-19-compaction-retry (Failed)
         80 - couchdb-couch_set_view-20-debug-params (Failed)
         81 - couchdb-couch_set_view-21-updater-cleanup (Failed)
         82 - couchdb-couch_set_view-22-compactor-cleanup (Failed)
         84 - couchdb-couch_set_view-24-updater-add-more-passive-partitions (Failed)
         85 - couchdb-couch_set_view-25-util-stats (Failed)
         86 - couchdb-couch_set_view-26-multiple-reductions (Failed)
         87 - couchdb-couch_set_view-27-dev-views (Failed)
         88 - couchdb-couch_set_view-28-big-reduce (Failed)
         89 - couchdb-couch_set_view-29-rollback (Failed)
         90 - couchdb-couch_set_view-30-query-fdleaks (Failed)
         91 - couchdb-couch_set_view-31-ryow-query (Failed)
         92 - couchdb-couch_set_view-32-upgrade (Failed)
         97 - couchdb-couch_dcp-04-view-groups (Failed)
Errors while running CTest
make[2]: *** [test] Error 8
make[1]: *** [test] Error 2
make: *** [test] Error 2

This is not surprising, as the target system is outside of Couchbase’s normal platforms, so the next step is get started interpreting these failures and troubleshooting whatever compatibility issues are present. I feel like I must have missed something, however, because for the life of me I can’t seem to find any further logs generated by these tests. I’ve searched the documentation and this forum, but I can’t seem to find any further reference to them. Where should i be looking for further information on debugging my build?

Hi, we might need some help from @trond. Can you tell us what’s the target system by the way?

Thanks, I eventually was able to locate the logs and get back to debugging, which was the focus of my question. As far as anything further, my target platform is RHEL 7 on a non-x86 system, so while I’d love to discuss things further, I don’t know that anyone here will have the appropriate environment to assist.

Out of curiosity, which architecture?

It’s an IBM System z mainframe. I’ve actually got things mostly working at this point; it turns out that the macro Couchbase uses to determine endianness wasn’t defined on the system, so it didn’t recognize the architecture as being big-endian.

We use CTest (via CMake) for running tests; which normally creates it’s logs under a Testing/ subdirectory. However if you want additional verbosity you probably want to add ARGS=--verbose to your make test invocation, or just run ctest directly.

Yes, thank you, so I’ve found.