Installation non root user


Would it affect couchbase support, if I install couchbase server with a non root user ?


It is best to install as root.

Ok thank you for your reply househippo.
The problem is I do not have the rights to install with root privileges.
So I wondered if couchbase support is disabled or not in this case ?

The non root access is a tricky one. Different non root users have different privileges depending on what your linux admin has locked down. Its best to work with the linux administrator.

I have already worked with the linux administrator :

  • It is forbidden to install with root priviledge (no sudo). To Install a RPM package is not granted. I have to use this command : rpm -qp --scripts foo.rpm
  • Installation must be done in a different repository than /opt. However a symbolic link could be made to /opt.

My question is simple : I wonder if couchbase support is disabled in this case.

Thank you for your help.

Yes , Couchbase does support non-root installation. Its best to contact them about the method( i.e. where your are installing the binary & link path map) your are installing before you go into production.