Inserts are around 1k on Cluster on Dev testing

Hi All,

We are seeing a comparatively low ops/second (1k) while insert 1000000 records to a 3 node cluster.

These are the node cluster details

3 * (4 cores, 5GB ram, Centos VMs)

Bucket settings,

Are we supposed to do any tuneup on this ?

This is on a Java client using the following item writer for Spring batch.

    protected void writeItems(List<? extends T> items) {
        if(CollectionUtils.isEmpty(items)) {
            logger.warn("no items to write to couchbase. list is empty or null");
        }else {
            if(delete) {
            }else if(overrideDocuments) {
            }else {

The document is a very simple one like this,

  "part1": "ssjku",
  "amount": "10",
  "json_attributes": "{\"pqr\":\"Jane\",\"asdff\":\"Doe\"}",
  "type": "order",
  "part2": "jjjmki",
  "quantity": 30

Are we missing something or need to do any optimization on this ?

Any of your help on the matter is really appreciated.

HI ,

I am trying to write to Couch Base Db using Spring Batch Jobs , First I have to Read from Oracle DB and then populate to Couch Base Db , As I don’t see any writer to Couch DB, Can someone help me and tell me how can I achieve this.