Inserted item is not returned in IOperationResult.Value property

When I insert new item to the bucket it is not returned back to the result.Value (see in code belove). The item is inserted to the db, though.

Here is the code:

    public T Create(T item, string id)
        item.created = DateTime.Now;
        item.updated = DateTime.Now; = id;

        var key = GenerateKey(;

        IOperationResult<T> result = _bucket.Insert(key, item);
        if (!result.Success)
            throw result.Exception;
        // Here the null is returned
        return result.Value;

CouchbaseNetClient 2.7.4 is used.

@Linkoln -

Insert doesn’t return the value back, you can just pass the item back instead.


Thank you. That’s what I came up with as well. This is strange, though. Because the same working example was shown in the official Couchbase course “CB130cs - Intro to the Couchbase SDK (C#/.NET)”

Here is the screen from this course

@Linkoln -

Hmm, looks like a minor bug in the course material - note that if we did do a fetch, the document would be the same as the one passed in, so your better off just slightly changing the code to return the passed in item if its needed later.


Thank you for your reply