Insert Select to move between buckets

I am in need to move a large amount of docs between two buckets on the same server. Based on the sample found

INSERT INTO `travel-sample` (KEY UUID(), VALUE _country)
    SELECT _country FROM `travel-sample` _country
      WHERE type = "airport" AND airportname = "Heathrow"

i was wondering if there is a way to copy the whole doc without specifying all the fields to copy /insert into the new doc and also use some values from the old doc like _type and _id to construct a new key which is same as the old one. Or is there a way to get the meta().id to use the same key as the original id. If i take all fields from the source doc, how can i add like a field of _type=‘message’ ? to the doc being saved ?
Finally is there a way to delete the source doc automatically after the new doc has been created ?

INSERT INTO `travel-sample` (KEY id, VALUE  doc)
    SELECT  META(t).id AS id, OBJECT_ADD(t,"_type", "message") AS  doc FROM `travel-sample` t
      WHERE t.type = "airport" AND t.airportname = "Heathrow";

If you want different key you can construct it either in select projection or INSERT
example: (KEY “message::”||id , VALUE doc ) …

If u planning to use UUID() if repeat command there might be duplicates because each time it gets different key.
You can also use UPSERT …

If large amount of data you can choose other options.

  1. backup and restore with different bucket name
  2. USE SDKs get and update different bucket
  3. may be other options

What would the syntax be if i want to add 2 objects like _type and _id.
There wont be a duplicate key issue as its a one time import into a different bucket

OBJECT_ADD(OBJECT_ADD(t,"_type", "message") , "_id", "xyz")
OBJECT_CONCAT(t, {"_type:"message","_id":"xyz")