Initial replication .NET on mobile device CBL

We use:

Sync Gateway 1.5-494
CBL 2.0.0-db014
Couchbase Server 5.0.0-3217

We got different databases divided into buckets. Some have 600 documents, others 102000. One document is relative small in size (>3kb). The bucket with 102000 units is 150MB in size.

We initialize replication as follow:

    var url = new Uri("ws://xx.xx.xx.xx:xxx/item");
    var db = new Database("item");

    var config = new ReplicatorConfiguration

    var replication = new Replicator(config);

Our initial mobile database is empty of course and we replicate each database. The smaller ones pose no problem. The replication of the ones that are bigger than 5000 units gets exited prematurely. At the end we get this output:

08-17 17:14:44.729 E/mono-rt (19559): No native Android stacktrace (see debuggerd output).
08-17 17:14:44.729 E/mono-rt (19559): 
08-17 17:14:44.729 E/mono-rt (19559): 
08-17 17:14:44.729 E/mono-rt (19559): =================================================================
08-17 17:14:44.729 E/mono-rt (19559): Got a SIGSEGV while executing native code. This usually indicates
08-17 17:14:44.729 E/mono-rt (19559): a fatal error in the mono runtime or one of the native libraries 
08-17 17:14:44.729 E/mono-rt (19559): used by your application.
08-17 17:14:44.729 E/mono-rt (19559): =================================================================
08-17 17:14:44.729 E/mono-rt (19559): 
08-17 17:14:44.729 F/libc    (19559): Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0x00000014 (code=1), thread 19629 (Threadpool work)

Is there a strategy to get around databases with a large number of documents? Especially considering an initial replication on mobile device?

There shouldn’t need to be a strategy. If this is happening then it’s an issue that I will need to fix. Unfortunately the error output is not too helpful about what is going wrong. I’ll see if I can get a large data set set up to test this but it probably won’t happen in the db015 timeline.

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