Indexes: Mainstore Vs Backstore looking for a defintion of each term

Hello, I am new to couchbase , and am currently reading through the online documentation,

Looking at the ns_server.indexer.log file, I note there are 75 features with associated statistics under a Mainstore and a Backstore.

I notice that in some/lots of cases the values, are very similar. Is this by design or are there other factors at play here.

finally, Is there documentation I can read to explain the list of 75 index stats features that are reported in the index file? Some headings are intuitive, however, some are unclear to me.

Thanks in advance for any responses.

Hi Jonathan,

These are StorageStats of the storage engine of the indexes. These stats are logged separately for Mainstore and Backstore for each partition of each index. Can you please confirm that you are using storage “Standard GSI” mode?
Typically the values of stats do not have to same, it depends on how the storage is created each of these stores and some factors at play are process RSS, quota of RAM assigned to indexer. Some of these stats have been exposed through our GSI Stats REST endpoint -
curl -u username:password <indexer_ip>:9102/ api/v1/stats
You can query above endpoint to get stats, if there is any detail of stats from stats REST API needed , please let me know, will happy to provide more info.