Indexer seems to be disabled?


Everything works well with my couchbase server 4.5.1 for a while.
But suddenly, after a reboot, indexer seems to have somme problems.

After a lot of tries, i ve installed a server 5.0 but i have the same problems.

1/ the indexer process is visible in the Windows task

2/ When i try to create a primary index on my bucket, the response is : 12005 - Indexer not implemented GSI may not be enabled"

3/ When i click on the “Indexes” i see the beer-primary index on the beer-sample!!!

4/ When i try à N1Ql query, it says “No index available… use CREATE INDEX…”

5/ In the Dashboard, the Index Service is green!!!

Grrrrr!! What happen!!!

I see this every now and then after I reboot on Mac as well. And then usually after a few minutes inexplicably the indexer comes back.

Any one know what’s going on? Don’t see any errors in the logs.

Mac Sierra
Standard GSI

Problem solved. Seems like when the query service is starting up, it tries to query the network interface for something, and when the interface is wireless and not yet connected, the query service or indexer fails to start.

In my case, the indexer services is started but the GSI client has issues. No errors reported in the console.

Saw this in query.log:
2017-11-01T18:30:10.302-07:00 [Error] GSIC[default/loop-1509586210300889696] GSI instantiation failed: in NewGsiClient(): MetadataProvider.getWatcherAddr() : Fail to find an IP address

Thanks mliu!

That’s it. The indexer can’t start without a connection…

Therefore, you can start couchbase services with a connection and then unplug your cable and the indexer still works.

It’s a CouchBase bug for me : The indexer shouldn’t need a connection to start!