Indexer.exe process working hard

This process is constantly consuming about 15% - 20% cpu. even when there is nothing using Couchbase.
I’m attaching the indexer log.
Using Couchbase 5.0.1 community
indexer - (2.1 MB)

@alon.schachter This is a known bug that got fixed in 5.1.1 version and all the subsequent releases. is the issue you are hitting

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This is not mentioned in the 5.1.1 release notes…

@alon.schachter If you look into the details of MB-29197 it has details Build couchbase-server-5.1.1-5705 has the fix. It might be a miss on part of release notes

Note however, there have been some regressions on this with different causes over time. There are some filed bugs, notably MB-37810 and MB-38454.