Index replication on couchbase community edition?

Hi, is it possible to have index replication in community edition in any way or this is only EE?


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So far only option in community would be possible by creating the same index in different nodes with different names, and implement a code logic to select which one to use. Open to other suggestions.
I was surprise to not see index replica in community.

You can create equivalent indexes (with different name with same schema) as you suggested. GSI client automatically load balance between those indexes. no special code is required.

ok, so If now I was creating an index lets call it beer_abv and runing a query like this:

SELECT name, abv FROM beer-sample
WHERE abv > 10;

I should avoid the usage of the USE INDEX hint and create lets say index beer_abv_1 beer_abv_2 beer_abv_3 and do the call without the hint:
SELECT name, abv FROM beer-sample
WHERE abv > 10;

And let couchbase decide which one to use. Correct?

One other question, what about Full Text search ? I see that replica is also not available on CE. Is a similar way to deal with that?


Even if use USE INDEX if the index is online (not online it returns error or can ignore that index) during execution it choose any equivalent indexes to automatically load balance. cc @deepkaran.salooja

FTS cc @mschoch

Thanks that helps! What about full text search index?

@vsr1 just checking if you have any idea how to do the same with Full Text Search. Replicas are not allowed in CE and I failed to find in which node the full text search was created or how to ask to create in a specific node. Also looks like there is no way around to have to explicit give a hint on what index to use.


I am not expert in Full Text Search. Open separate post in Full Text Search.

Thanks for the reply, will do.