Index Replica not supported in non-Enterprise edition

Hi ,
I am working on 5.1 Community Edition install ubuntu 16.04 with 4 nodes .I have built Data ,index and query services on all 4 nodes.
when i create primary index it is not getting replicated with below query
usually primary index is not HA ?
Then i tried this way :

WITH {“nodes”: [“node1:8091”, “node2:8091”, “node3:8091”,“node4:8091”]};
Error :
“code”: 5000,
“msg”: “GSI CreatePrimaryIndex() - cause: Encounter errors during create index. Error=Index Replica not supported in non-Enterprise Edition\n.”,
“query_from_user”: “CREATE PRIMARY INDEX on cfg USING GSI\nWITH {“nodes”: [“”, “”, “”,“”]};”

can someone please shed some light on this .

@rvuppala GSI Index replication is supported only in Enterprise Edition. Hope this helps.

Alternative to this is create equivalent indexes (exact same index with different name).
Check 9 Duplicate Index

ohh… got it .
can you also confirm me one more thing . when i upgraded CE CB 4.5 to 5.1 , i lost all my indexes . is there a way to bring back those indexes while upgrading .? can we resotre indexes using couchbase-restore from backup dump.

@rvuppala This is expected if we do online upgrade form 4.5 to 5.x. You can restore the indexes using couchbase backup-restore service.

in this case , you want me delete existing buckets and then restore it from backups ?

@rvuppala Please note:
All destination buckets must already exist since cbrestore does not create or configure destination buckets for you. (
You may restore the indexes from the backups without deleting the buckets.