Increase log file debug level

Hello Team,

I ran a restore command and it is failing with error not an archive directory. Is there a way to increase the log level of backup_0.log to check what the real issue and root cause of it? I have all data correctly in proper hierarchy. I want to check the root cause or any issue leading to it. Can you please help?

Also if there are any other log files which i can check can you please help with that too?

see cbbackupmgr collect-logs | Couchbase Docs

This might help as well - Error when try to do backup

Hello @mreiche,

The link that you provided is to collect logs, i want a way to increase the log level while running the restore job.

Click on the second link that I provided, search that page for logging. Have a nice day.

Hello @mreiche,

This option is not present for cbbackupmgr. Can you please help me with the option that i can increase debug level from cbbackupmgr.

There is an option --gocbcore-log-level debug/verbose/trace but I don’t think that will help you.

But the message says “not an archive directory”. Is it a valid archive directory? Does the directory contain a .backup file containing metadata?


Yes the directory hierarchy is same as backup and it is archive directory and contains all the meta data files.
It does have .backup file too.

Hi @mreiche/@pvarley

I am getting the following error :
Command “C:\Program Files\couchbase\server\bin\cbbackupmgr.exe” restore failed with Error Output --map-buckets option only works for the Data service. Will not restore the metadata for any other service
Error restoring cluster: Backup Repository c_test1-bin not found

Can you let me know when would this error come. I have folder c_test1-bin present in the directory structure and also i did check the command ran it is also correct but not sure which file/folder it is trying to read and giving me this error. To debug that i need some way, where i can find exact error and check in that angle.

i did run the restore command with procmon too but didn’t find any error in that too.

code is here. I think you should be able to read it.

git clone