Importing data for clustered node

can any one what is wrong with this importing code .does the cluster name is wrong

after that i need to import bucket using command
cbimport csv -c http://localhost:8091/ -u aya -p 123 -d “file://allergies.csv” -b “allergies” -g #UUID# --omit-empty --infer-types

it give me

CSV import failed: 0 documents were imported, 0 documents failed to be imported
CSV import failed: i/o timeout

even it work correctly for local single instance

i use docker to intialize 3 nodes to make 3 nodes clusters

docker run -d --name db -p 8091-8096:8091-8096 -p 11210-11211:11210-11211 couchbase
docker run -d --name db2 -p 9091-9096:8091-8096 -p 12210-12211:11210-11211 couchbase
docker run -d --name db3 -p 7091-7096:8091-8096 -p 13210-13211:11210-11211 couchbase

i stop local instance of Couchbase Server

when i try to create node for local node which is created it give me node need provision

can any one helpme why i cant i import data to cluster