Implementing libcouchbase in a c++ HTTP application framework

we are writing a libCouchbase library in Drogon ( ( Drogon is a HTTP application framework written in C++) and I have a few questions. I would really appreciate a fast answer from somebody from Couchbase.

When I implemented a getting callback, and get the lcb_RESPGET pointer in it, I have some problems to solve.
How to avoid the buffer in it (the value buffer and key buffer) from being released by libCouchbase ? I don’t want to copy the content of buffers to my c++ object.

Another question, Can I send a new command on the same connection before the last command gets the result? In other words, does libCouchbase support pipelining or batch mode?

Very cool!

You can certainly schedule multiple ops before driving IO for batching, yes.

On the first question, probably @avsej or @brett19 can provide the best answer.