Impact of iOS SDK on AppStore download size

Hello. We are approaching the 100 MB limit Apple imposes before the app can only be downloaded via wifi. Understanding the impact of adding Couchbase Lite SDK on the App Store download size is therefore critical to us.

Would you know what that impact is with 1.3.1, 1.4.1 and can you anticipate for 2.0? Many thanks.

I believe it’s around a megabyte of code size. (I assume the App Store limit is for a single architecture, not the entire package you submit.)

(The size is somewhat difficult to measure because a static library contains tons of linker metadata. You have to build a minimal app that calls into CBL, then remove the CBL library and the calls to it and build again, then subtract the code sizes.)

…and for 2.0, the current code size is about 1.6MB.

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