How to Upload/import 20000 elements/row into couchbase

I have a Json file with 20000 elements but in the following format:
“CustomerId”: 1001,
“FirstName”: “Cody”,
“LastName”: “Carrillo”,
“Email”: "",
“Password”: “ESC60OSJ7UY”,
“Phone”: “1-823-999-1958”,
“Street”: “828-8413 Aliquet, St.”,
“City”: “Torrejón de Ardoz”,
“State”: “Madrid”,
“Zipcode”: “9407PT”,
“Country”: “Sint Maarten”,
“DOB”: “Jul 2, 1961”
“CustomerId”: 1002,
“FirstName”: “Amber”,
“LastName”: “Browning”,
“Email”: "",
“Password”: “OKS28VPB2LH”,
“Phone”: “1-357-328-1853”,
“Street”: “9717 Ante Road”,
“City”: “Katowice”,
“State”: “SL”,
“Zipcode”: “617009”,
“Country”: “Kiribati”,
“DOB”: “Jan 18, 1994”

When I am uploading it using cbdocloader, it uploads the following in the bucket as a single row with each {section} as a row cell.
How can I upload it as two different rows in the bucket?

If you want to checkout the Developer Preview of Couchbase 4.6 there’s a new cbimport tool.

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If you have loaded as a single doc (array of objects), you can UNNEST and INSERT into the bucket.

    SELECT newdoc 
    FROM mybucket USE KEYS "fulldata--REPLACETHIS--"
                   UNNEST mybucket as newdoc;
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