How to store and retrive images and media files in couchbase

Hi. I think it’s better to store images and media objects just on disk or in specific storages like amazon s3 (and if it is needed - use cdn to deliver that content). I don’t understand what benefit you want to acheive with couchbase usage. Follow KISS principle, don’t search complex ways to do simple things.

Thank you for your reply , I will use openstack to store my images and media files and is it possible to access that files from couchbase using java program …? i need some sample code for storing and retriving files from openstack using couchbase.

Hi ,
I wish to store my images and large objects in couchbase , how can i use CBFS for this operation and is there any other solutions to do this operations…?

To continue on this discussion…
1- CBFS will allow your to store any file on distributed file system We are using this project internally at Couchbase a lot. (this is a project that we have in our R&D Labs)
2- You can also use the Couchbase Server 2.0.x to store anything up to 20MB, in this case you just need to use the set and get operation to get the data in and out. You can find some code that does that in this example
3- Most of the time for large files people are using a 3rd party store/CDN to store the file and simply store the metadata inside Couchbase.