How to set Max Buckets per Cluster to more than 10?

By default the cluster has a limitation that Max Buckets is 10,but in my environment 10 buckets are not enough,how can i set the bucket`s numbers?

@hubo3085632 increasing the number of buckets is possible via a setting somewhere, but its not recommended. Can you share more info about your use case why you need more than 10 buckets? Maybe there is a better solution for your problem.

Also, going over 10 buckets puts more pressure like stats on your cluster, this is why it’s capped to 10.

oh, our old system has some tables more than 20, therere codes,datas table.If i put them into a little buckets, does it influence the speed of view indexs ?

you should be able to store different document types in the same bucket.
You can have your view differentiate between them by adding a “type” field to the data, or even by prefixing the keys with the type, for example code::12345 or data::subtype::12345 (12345 being the part of the key that varies).

PS: @hubo3085632 be careful, you use backticks instead of single quotes, text between backticks is interpreted as code