How to set document expiry in Nodejs SDK v3

I have updated my Couchbase Nodejs SDK to version 3.x from 2.x on Nodejs SDK version 2.x there is an option to expiry document link to documentation but there no any option to expiry document on version 3.x, insert only have options for transcoder and timeout link to documentation

How I’m supposed to expiry my document on Nodejs SDK version 3.x?

Thank you,
CB Fan

Hello @chawki see if this helps (thanks @mreiche)

await collection.insert(
key, { foo: 14 }, { timeout:10000, expiry: 2000 },
(err, res)=> {
if(res)console.log("insert: "+res);
if(err)console.log("err: "+err);
if(err) throw err;
).catch((e)=>{ console.log("CAUGHT: " +e)});