How to see query being executed in coucbase when I am running test OR want to see queries executed in last 5 minute

I am having cluster of couchbase.

What I am trying:-
I am running test on my application and trying to see which queries were being executed at couchbase UI

Facing issue:-

When I am running below command its not giving satisfying output

SELECT elapsedTime,node,serviceTime,statement,SUBSTR(time,0,19)as time FROM system:completed_requests where time > REPLACE(DATE_ADD_STR(NOW_STR(),-5,“second”),“T”," ") order by serviceTime desc

“elapsedTime”: “9.866527481s”,
“serviceTime”: “9.866458607s”,
“statement”: “SELECT ‘’ FROM system:indexes WHERE name = “temp_index”",
“time”: “2018-05-10 17:08:08”
“elapsedTime”: “9.837083772s”,
“serviceTime”: “9.837009681s”,
“statement”: “SELECT name FROM system:indexes WHERE keyspace_id = “””,
“time”: “2018-05-10 17:09:10”
“elapsedTime”: “9.741569097s”,
“serviceTime”: “9.741510834s”,
“statement”: "SELECT '
’ FROM system:indexes WHERE name = “idx_relatedPartyRole””,
“time”: “2018-05-10 17:17:35”
“elapsedTime”: “9.72482201s”,
“serviceTime”: “9.724759417s”,
“statement”: "CREATE PRIMARY INDEX ct-primary-index ON",
“time”: “2018-05-10 16:38:04”

Can anyone suggest?

system:completed_requests will have only queries took more than 500ms. It is configurable. cc @marcoeg

Date manipulation functions

DATE_ADD_STR(NOW_STR(),-5,“second”) ===> this only gives 5sec you need to use “minute” for 5min