How to Remove N1QL Metadata

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been using N1QL for a few months now. All of a sudden metadata is showing up with every N1QL request.

Not sure if this is caused by a different version of CB (4.6) or because CB is being used in a cluster. Is there a simple way to remove this metadata from returning with every request?



select * from test t where meta(t).id like 'person-%';


    "requestID": "0b19e917-6053-4a06-9505-b11045431301",
    "clientContextID": "01a5a2a9-5f99-4636-854c-c9ceda5d4284",
    "signature": {
        "*": "*"
    "results": [
            "t": {
                "first-name": "Ryan",
                "last-name": "Smith"

what do you mean the metadata?

  • requestID
  • clientContextID
  • signature

Are metadata to the actual query within the results key. Previously, the only result that would show from the same query was the content within results. I’m curious if I can omit those results and only return the content within results. (Sorry if I sound like a broken record.) is it a setting? Or do I need to form the N1QL query differently?


In CB 4.6.0, you can set by parameters signature=false