How to query a view for a given date?

The key format that we have is [YYYY,MM,DD,u’alphanumeric_string’]
I have been trying unsuccessfully to get all the keys for a given day via
the python client.
eg. for 5th Jan 2014
In the query’s map_key argument
view = views.iterator.View(cb,design=‘design_doc’,view=‘get_data’,stale=stale,reduce=False,full_set=True,mapkey_range=[start_key,end_key])
where start_key = [2014,1,5]
end_key = [2014,1,5,‘u’\u0fff’’]

Now this had an effect of getting some dates from 2013 dec as well.
Upon looking at the documentation
I modified the start_key to str(start_key)
end_key to str(end_key) + Query.STRING_RANGE_END

This had an effect of not returning anything. I believe I am using STRING_RANGE_END incorrectly in this context. Would be great if you could help.

I suggest you look at the group_level parameter on queries. Details can be found in the Dev guide, see:

thank you drigby,
however I do not want to reduce, ie the keys are what I seek to emit for that query.
So the group_level will not achieve that as I cannot use group_level with a non-reduce
query. Please correct me if I am mistaken.