How to monitor all document changes

We are trying to monitor the change feed to get document changes and take actions based on those changes. One example might be a user updates their email address on an iOS device which is written to CouchbaseLite and pushed to Couchbase via Sync Gateway. We would like to get this change via the change feed (or some other mechanism) in a service running within our server infrastructure which can then take action based on the change it detected (e.g. send a verification email).

We were considering creating a “super user” that connects to the change feed websocket interface and assign all documents to a channel that only this user has access to. From the change feed we then inspect every document change and build a state machine of sorts that takes action based on the changes it detects.

Does this sound like a sensible approach or is there a mechanism in Couchbase/Sync Gateway that will help us do this? We are concerned about the security implications of an all powerful user and the ability to do this via the admin interface on a private network would be preferred.

I found this answer

Which seems somewhat similar to what we are trying to achieve and it would appear that a similar feature was in the working back in May, but I cannot find any other relevant information or updates since then.


You can monitor the changes feed via the admin interface and see all doc changes that way.